2018 Honda Ridgeline Review

2018 Honda Ridgeline Review

Honda released the 2nd generation of the Ridgeline a while ago. Despite what most rumors were saying, the truck became one of the more successful models in its class. It managed to achieve this by offering crossover-like driving characteristics while having all the benefits of a truck. In order to allow it to remain on top, they released an update a short while ago. The new 2018 Honda Ridgeline is not an all new model. However, it still brings some really interesting changes which are definitely worth a look. For starters, Honda increased the price of the new truck by a considerable amount. This is rather unusual, especially for such a new model. Even so, the price increase comes with a few upgrades, so the value for money actually went up.


Excellent off-road features
Quality cabin


A front-wheel drive? big no no
High price compared to the competition

Release and Price

The base model of the Ridgeline remains the RT. This is already available in showrooms and it starts at around $30,500. For the price it comes with a good amount of features but unfortunately Honda removed the all wheel drive option from this model. Read about 2018 Honda Accord here.

2018 Honda Ridgeline
Image source: autoguide.com

The older mid-range version is also gone. Instead, Honda decided to keep only the Sport edition as the mid-range model. This is quite a bit more expensive than before but they did add a couple of new available colors as well as slight changes to its cabin.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Review

Unlike all of its rivals, the 2018 Honda Ridgeline is not a regular truck with a ladder frame chassis.

Instead, the truck uses a unibody design which allows it to be relatively light and also boast an incredible amount of torsional rigidity. With the help of its great running gear, the truck manages to offer roughly the same driving experience as the Pilot which is highly impressive.

2018 Honda Ridgeline
Image source: edmunds.com

The only drawback of this design is its payload. The base model can only tow up to 3,500 pounds and this can’t be upgraded any further. With the help of AWD the truck will manage to tow up to 5,000 pounds. Unfortunately this is still considerably less than any of its direct competitors. Luckily though, if towing is not that important, the Ridgeline has to be the best mid-size truck on the market. Read about Honda Ridgeline on Wikipedia


Honda didn’t make any changes to the look of the 2018 version.

It still looks roughly the same as the Pilot which is both good and bad. We would have loved to see a more aggressive design, especially when considering its competition. Even without it though, the Ridgeline still manages to impress.

2018 Honda Ridgeline
Image source: autoguide.com

Its bed is integrated into the cabin and it can extend by a good amount. On top of that, there are available weatherproof speakers for the bed as well as plenty of other accessories. The only real change over the older truck is the addition of a couple of colors on the Sport model.

Competitors: Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier, GMC Canyon


There aren’t that many differences between the Ridgeline and the Pilot.

The dashboard is nearly the same and there is more than enough space for passengers in the truck as well. However, the truck does get a different set of rear seats which can fold up in order to free up some storage space.

2018 Honda Ridgeline
Image source: sebarin.club

Its biggest flaw here has to be the infotainment system. Unfortunately Honda decided not to upgrade it with their new unit which also features a volume knob. Because of that, the system is far trickier and slower to use than it should.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Engine and Specs

All versions of the 2018 Honda Ridgeline come equipped with a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6.

This can deliver a rather impressive 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque which is enough to make the Ridgeline one of the faster trucks in its class. The only available transmission is a 6 speed automatic which drives the front wheels on the base and mid-range models. The higher end versions only come with all wheel drive which increases the towing rating but it makes the truck less efficient.

2018 Honda Ridgeline
Price $30,000
Engine Regular Unleaded V-6
Gas Mileage 19 mpg City
Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
Body Style Crew Cab Pickup
Transmission 6-Speed Auto.
Displacement 3.5L
Horsepower 280
2018 Honda Ridgeline
Image source: nydailynews.com

Even so, the range-topping Ridgeline managed to offer north of 27 MPG on the highway which is quite impressive. On top of that, the engine is smooth and its power delivery is great for a naturally aspirated V6. Also, thanks to the truck’s low weight, it will easily hit 60 MPH in around 6.5 seconds which is far better than most of its rivals.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Sport vs RTL-T

2018 Honda Ridgeline
Image source: cnet.com

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