2019 Ford Escape Redesign

2019 Ford Escape Redesign

Starting at nearly $25,000, the Escape is not exactly a cheap car. Even so, it managed to sell quite well mostly thanks to its attractive design and good set of features. Unfortunately the car is based on an aging platform and it shows. It isn’t that great to drive anymore and the NVH levels could be better. Luckily though, Ford is definitely readying a new version. Not that long ago we managed to see a camouflaged prototype and the changes definitely seem impressive. For starters, there will be an all new platform in place. This should allow the new Escape to shine, especially since its predecessor used a platform with its roots back in the early 2000s. 2019 Ford Escape

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While not official, it looks like the car may use Ford’s modular CD4 architecture which also underpins the Fusion. This would definitely be a big change but it would allow the manufacturer to get ahead of some of their rivals. New Kia Sorento info….

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The new platform would allow them to improve the NVH levels and the passive crash protection without having to increase its weight. From the prototype we can also clearly see a longer wheelbase.

While it may not look like it at first, the camouflaged vehicle was extended, so it is quite clear that Ford is looking to make the new car bigger.

2019 Ford Escape
Image source: insideevs.com – Ford Escape Energi Plug-In Hybrid Caught Testing

The car will also be wider, but we still don’t know exactly by how much. From the spy shots it looks like half an inch up to an inch might be a good guess.

As with its predecessor, the car will feature a fully independent suspension setup. This should allow it to be great to drive while also offering a really comfortable ride.

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Release and Price

Chances are the manufacturer will first release the European version of the car, the Kuga, in the mid of 2018.

The US Escape should hit the market closer to the end of the year which will still be right in time to compete with the newest models on the market. Its price should not change all that much.

It looks like the base model will still cost around $25,000 thus making it one of the more expensive crossovers in this class.

2019 Ford Escape
Image source: insideevs.com – Ford Escape Spied


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This has to be one of the biggest unknown factors about the 2019 Ford Escape.

Even so, it looks like most rumors tend to suggest the car will take quite a bit of inspiration from Ford’s other new vehicles such as the upcoming Focus or the revised Expedition.

We hope the Kuga will get rid of its hatchback-like design in the favor of something a bit more aggressive.

2019 Ford Escape
Image source: digitaltrends.com – 2018 Escape

In the front we hope to see a new grille, slimmer headlights and a new bumper to go with it. The rear might remain quite hatchback-like but we do hope it will take more from the new Focus rather than its predecessor.


no official pictures about the cabin of the 2019 Ford Escape, it is safe to assume what it will feature. How? Well, let’s not forget its predecessor used the same cabin as the Focus.

As we already saw how the upcoming Focus will look like, the new Escape shouldn’t be far off. The car should boast a new center stack with the more minimalist layout.

2019 Ford Escape
Image source: choos2018.club – Ford Escape Interior

On top of that, the driver will benefit from quite a bit more gear than before which will definitely make things more interesting in this class. The biggest change though will have to be the extra space.


Ruby Red, Ingot Silver, White Platinum, Oxford White, Lightning Blue, Magnetic, Blue Metallic, Cinnamon Glaze

Engine and Specs

The new base model of the Escape should feature a 1.5 liter turbo-three engine good for around 150 to 200 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque.

Further up the range the car is definitely going to receive a 2.0 liter turbocharged mill which would deliver around 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque.

Both of these would get a 9 speed automatic as standard and both of them would feature either front or all wheel drive. Some also suggested an RS version is a real possibility.

2019 Ford Escape
Image source: usacardrivers.xyz

Even though there are no official details about this, it looks like it may feature a 2.3 liter turbo-four with 285 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. As the engine is already available on this platform, we don’t find this remotely surprising.


2018 Ford Escape FWD SSafety features
Air Bag Frontal Passengeryes
Air Bag Side Body Frontyes
Air Bag Side Body Rearno
Brakes ABSyes
Traction Controlyes
Night Visionno
Tire Pressure Monitoryes
Back-Up Camerayes
Parking Aidno


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  1. I’ve leased “11” Ford products, (2016 Escape as of this text) and this will be my last, Between this truck having poor suspension, truck stales when you fill it up, and more things too mention. Yes this has been brought in for these problems and of course no resolved. So I’m moving on. Thanks P.S. lease is over in August

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