2019 Ford Focus Spied

2019 Ford Focus Spied

Finding the sweet spot for both European and US customers for compact segment is very hard to achieve. In US, Toyota and Honda are breaking sales records year after year but in the EU occasional compact of these two companies is seen on the roads and nothing more. Volkswagen is on the other side of the spectrum – Golf is one of the most sold compacts in EU in history while success in US could be only described as lukewarm. Noticing any trends here? 2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus Review

We can definitely agree that we have a difference in taste between US and EU buyers. Apparently, this holds water only until Ford Focus comes into consideration. For some reason, and we are not sure we can quantify those reasons, Ford’s small sedans and hatchbacks are desired on both sides of the pond.

Why? We don’t know and frankly it doesn’t matter because new 2019 Ford Focus is up and coming and we predict bright future for it like its predecessors had. So let’s dig in and see what we do know so far about new Focus.

2019 Ford Focus
Image source: carscoops.com


It is said that winning recipe should not be changed and we see no reason why Ford would go with radical redesign for new Focus. After seeing spy shots, design for upcoming model is more evolution than revolution – and that is fine. Of course a certain number of improvements is evident.

2018 Ford Focus ST Driving Video in Grey Trailer

Headlights look thicker, bit more rounder and less rising toward the windshield. This gives us with image of a loftier and more imposing hood. Grille has intake below and is slated in both. C-pillar on the side of the car has become larger because of the sudden curvature of window’s upper line.

2019 Ford Focus
Image source: motortrend.com

Now this could be bait-and-switch, as much as are those fake taillights on hatchback test mule and in fact whole rear end covered in the extra cladding. Tail is more difficult to hide on sedan prototypes because they reveal its lines, including sleeker lights bent downwards at the outer end. Sedan’s roof angle got a bit lowered giving it sleeker and more dynamic look.


We expected that interior would be redesigned more drastically, because last 3 models where following same design language and were incremental improvements over their predecessors. Below large infotainment system screen sit larger, horizontal and grouped vertical vents positioned at the center of the dash.

2019 Ford Focus
Image source: carscoops.com

We prefer this layout because we feel that more elevated position of infotainment screen is more ergonomic and much safer because looking from the road to the navigation screen is easier now.

Center and lower console got disjoined and there is no more driver focused setup apparent. All of this looks very much like what we saw with newest Fiesta, debuted in Europe, yet to come to the US, if it comes at all…

Engine of 2019 Ford Focus

Ford is offering naturally aspirated 2.0-liter L4 with 160-hp and fuel sipping turbocharged 1.0-liter, with one cylinder less; delivering 123 hp, paired with a manual or 6-speed automatic. Big gap between 160 hp and 252 hp offered by ST model is evident. We are not sure whether or when Ford plans to cover it with the new generation.

By comparison competition from Honda, VW and Mazda offer 10-25 hp more for base models, along with visibly feistier 0-60 times. This could be remedied with miracles of turbocharging, but it is left to be seen whether “blue oval” intends to evade a future draw with present times. We have no doubt that in a year or two, ST and RS models with extra hp will be unveiled.

2019 Ford Focus
Image source: carscoops.com

2019 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

Ford’s plans were to build 2019 Ford Focus in Mexico, moving the manufacturing from the States, but after facing public outrage those plans were canned. Where will it be produced now – in motherland of all manufacturing – China, and no amount of public wrath will overturn that.

Why? Because that decision will save one billion dollars for Ford. And that amount of saving will trump any PR related issues. However those saving will not spill over to end customers because starting price tag of approximately $17,000 is expected for new Focus when it debuts during next year.

2018 Ford Focus RS: Limited Edition Revealed

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