2019 Ford Mondeo Redesign

2019 Ford Mondeo Redesign

Spotted during test runs in Europe, the 2019 Ford Mondeo presents a host of novel features from its first impression. First of all, the car has a brand new wagon shape! Due to this body styling, it is wider and has a more aggressive stance. This presents a very different appearance from its predecessor. Here is more about this new car.

2019 Ford Mondeo Exterior design

The 2019 Ford Mondeo has a front fascia that is quite similar to that of its predecessor. It has a curvaceous front bumper with a pair of vents on its extreme ends. They provide ideal spots for its fog lights. The bumper rises in an aerodynamic way to meet the main grille. Read about new Tesla Roadster

Featuring chrome and dark plastic, this section is angled downwards to give a sporty appearance to the car. The Blue Oval Ford logo sits right in its middle. Moreover, the grille provides a division between its slanted, high-tech headlights. Featuring LED technology, they provide ample illumination for the road ahead during the day and at night as well.

2019 Ford Mondeo

The curvy front section gives way to a sculpted hood. In true wagon design, it is short and quickly graduates to the large windshield. The fenders bulge outwards giving the car some extra breadth.

Moreover, the car has a swooping roofline that slants towards its rear. Some side skirts grant the new Ford Mondeo a stable stance. In addition to that, the rear taillights are placed high and feature LED bulbs as well. With a sculpted platform for the license plate and chrome-tipped tail pipes, this new car is easy on the eyes.

Interior design

The 2019 Ford Mondeo‘s interior is conservative and neat. It provides the occupants with comfort and function in equal measure. A 3-spoke steering wheel greets you upon entry. It has a few buttons to assist with controlling the car’s functions. Behind it lies a widescreen panel that contains digital dials which provide details about the car’s speed, mileage and fuel status.

The car’s center stack is chiefly populated by a SYNC touchscreen panel. Measuring 8 inches across, this facility provides the driver and occupants with the capability to control it’s air conditioning, phone, infotainment and navigation. A plethora of buttons sit under it and some vents around it as well.

They are finished in glossy plastic in the standard trim. The higher trims feature brushed aluminum finishing or chrome. These materials allow for a tactile texture on these facilities.

2019 Ford Mondeo

The automatic transmission shifter is situated at the raised section between the driver and passenger. Moreover, the interior can be upholstered in leather, suede or fabric depending on your preference. These can be provided in colors such as black, beige, navy, brown or white. Contrast stitching and wood panels around the interior are other options which you can specify for the car. The new Ford can seat 5 people comfortably on 2 rows of seats. Thanks to the new wagon shape, there is extra legroom in the back.

This car has a collection of safety features which make it attractive as a family car. Firstly, it has a highly advanced, comprehensive driver-assistance system. It combines features such as automatic emergency brakes, lane-keeping assist, cruise control, blindspot indicators and pedestrian warning systems.

Engine Specs

One of the most outstanding features of the 2019 Ford Mondeo is that it is available with multiple engine options. The standard option is the 1.5 liter TDCI engine. This power plant provides 150 horsepower. You can also buy the car with a larger 2.0 liter TDCI engine. This one produces 198 horsepower. The second engine option is available with a bi-turbo system. This increases it’s power output to 238 horsepower. Drivers can also get this people-carrier with a Hybrid engine.

Capable of utilizing fuel and electricity, this will definitely deliver better economy and driving range. The engines are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission system. The standard engine delivers power to the front wheel. However, the car will also be available with All-Wheel Drive (AWD). This new car has an average mileage of 38 mpg and can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in only 7.6 seconds. Furthermore, it can achieve a top speed of 138 mph.

Release date, price and availability

The new 2019 Ford Mondeo will be available for purchase in early 2019. The base trim of this car will have a price tag of $27,000. With premium fittings, this price rises to $40,000.

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