2019 Honda Accord Type R

2019 Honda Accord Type R

Honda released the all new Accord a short while ago and so far the car managed to impose itself quite well. However, the new model is not really perfect. There are some quirks with its handling characteristics and the interior could have been better. While most of us thought Honda was not going to do anything, this is not really the case. Not that long ago industry experts suggested a new model will hit the market with the upcoming 2019 Honda Accord. It looks like the manufacturer will release with this update a small set of revisions for the base model as well as at least a new trim level.

2019 Honda Accord Rumors, Review

This should allow the sedan to become the better selling vehicle in its class. Honda is also likely going to revise the pricing in order to give the car even better value for money than before. Read about Toyota C-HR Rumors…

2018 Honda Accord Infographic picture

The base versions of the new Accord are more than likely going to receive a new steering rack. The one on the current model is quite dull and it doesn’t really fit the character of the car. With that said, Honda is also expected to release a Type R version for the car.

As the name suggests, this will be the Accord’s high performance version. As expected, the car will come with a different suspension setup, more similar to the one found in the Civic.

2019 Honda Accord
Image source: autoweek.com – 2018 Honda Accord

This means there will be a special suspension geometry in the front which will reduce torque steer to a minimum.

The brakes will also change with the Type R getting Brembo calipers and much larger rotors than the usual models. These two upgrades should allow the new model to better handle the power while not ruining the way it drives.

2018 Honda Accord | Road Test

Engine, Specs

The current car is available with two different engines. Chances are the 2019 Honda Accord is not going to be all that different. The base model will still use the same 1.5 liter turbo-four as before.

This will deliver 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque which is better than most of its rivals. A larger 2.0 liter turbo-four engine will also be available. This one will boast 252 horsepower and over 250 lb-ft of torque.

Unlike the current model, both engines should now make use of a 10 speed automatic which will drive the front wheels. The rumored Type R would get the same 2.0 liter engine as the higher end models of the car.

However, in this particular application, the engine is likely going to boast over 300 horsepower and around 300 lb-ft of torque. Unlike in the Civic, the engine is likely going to send the power to all four wheels via a 10 speed automatic gearbox.

2019 Honda Accord
Image source: thetorquereport.com – 2018 Honda Accord Touring 1.5T

A manual is also a real possibility but so far there hasn’t been much information on it. Some also said that Honda will release a hybrid with the 2019 Accord.

Unfortunately the details are still scarce about it. Most rumors seem to point at a small turbocharged engine alongside a set of electric motors. This would deliver over 200 horsepower while being able to provide over 45 MPG on average.

2019 Honda Accord
Image source: kbb.com – 2018 Accord


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There is no doubt about the fact the Accord is a great looking car and luckily not much will change with the 2019 Honda Accord. While most of the car’s versions will remain the same as before, the Type R will be quite a bit more impressive.

This is likely going to feature unique headlights, a new honeycomb mesh grille, different wheels and a new range of available colors. Unlike with the Civic, which boasts many fake vents, the Accord will likely get a slightly less over-the-top design.

2019 Honda Accord
Image source: kbb.com – Honda Accord 2019

The bumper should still boast a new set of intakes, but these should be functional this time around. In the rear the car is likely going to receive a quad-exhaust system, unlike the Civic which gets a center-mounted exhaust.


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As expected, the 2019 Honda Accord is going to be mostly identical to its predecessor which is not a bad thing to happen. The center stack will continue to have that European look while the driving positon will remain as good as before.

2019 Honda Accord
Image source: topspeed.com – 2019
Honda Accord Interior

The big change here will be the seats which should offer far better side support on the new Type R as well as more options to adjust them.


2018 Honda Accord Sedan CVT LXSafety Features
Air Bag Frontal Driveryes
Air Bag Side Body Frontyes
Air Bag Side Body Rearno
Brakes-ABS yes
Child Safety Rear Door Locksyes
Traction Controlyes
Stability Controlyes
Parking Aidno
Fog Lampsno
Rollover Protection Barsno


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  1. they have completely missed the target market for the new accord. styling is ugly and looks like a poor imitation of a civic. interior and exterior color combinations are terrible. previous accord was a fantastic car to look at and the v6 engine was a world beater. the new engines make no sense. fuel economy is not better and i found that 2l turbo performance was weaker than v6 car and lacked the flexibility of the v6. this is in spite of the numbers published by some mags. One last point is the small turbo engines in the past have not enjoyed a good reputation for durability and expensive repairs at low mileage is common. Bring back the old accord and add all wheel drive and back a real winner.

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