2019 Toyota Sequoia Redesign

2019 Toyota Sequoia Redesign

Toyota unveiled the current Sequoia back at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show and released it on the market shortly after. Since then they didn’t really change all that much about it. The SUV is still using the same basic design and it still features roughly the same features from 10 years back. Even though they updated the car a short while ago, it looks like an entirely new model might be on its way. This is likely going to hit the market with the future 2019 Toyota Sequoia which will definitely be an entirely new model. For starters, we can expect a new platform, a more efficient engine as well as a whole new design. With this model Toyota will have to compete with cars like the new Expedition which is a far better vehicle than the ongoing Sequoia.

Toyota News

Originally released in 2017, the Toyota Sequoia is one of the main models in the Toyota marque. With a boxy SUV design, the car has enjoyed positive reviews and market appeal. After some time, it was spruced up and released as the 2019 Toyota Sequoia. The new version was developed to deliver more engine power, a better driving experience, a more comfortable interior and better overall vehicle function. To keep it in stride with modern trends, this new model has received some updates. Here they are.

Interior updates for the SR5 trim

All trims of this new SUV have received flexible cruise control as a standard feature. Furthermore, the center stack has been redesigned such that it is more upright across all models as well. The new  2019 Toyota Sequoia has enough room for 8 passengers seated on 3 different rows of seats. In this setup, the front row is now wider, its second row is movable and the third row can be folded up to create extra cargo space.

Comprehensive updates

The new SUV also has a larger infotainment screen that measures 8 inches across for its Limited, Premium and TRD Sport trims. The back row passengers have access to a Blu-Ray CD player as well. These trims also feature a new telescopic steering wheel, 3-zone climate control and enhanced connectivity through a Bluetooth hands-free system.

The driver’s seat in these trims can be electronically configured to achieve 8 different positions. Furthermore, the front passenger’s seat can also be electronically configured to achieve 4 different positions. The 2019 Toyota Sequoia also presents an Entune Audio Plus music system in these trims. Terrain response and handling are improved thanks to larger 18 inch wheels. The big SUV is also available with some new colors. They include Toasted Walnut Pearl, Shoreline Blue Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic.

Limited trim updates

For the Limited trim of the 2019 Toyota Sequoia, there is an Entune Premium Audio system, leather upholstery and large 20 inch wheels as well. Drivers who pick this trim can also benefit from a power liftgate.

Platinum trim updates

The Platinum trim has some updates such as adaptive variable suspension with air-assisted ride height control. It has also been updated with automatic cruise control, leather upholstery throughout the cabin and a much more powerful Entune JBL Audio Premium music system.

TRD Sport trim updates

To keep the TRD Sport trim exciting, it has received some black accents in the interior and exterior sections. Leather is now a standard feature in the cabin. Furthermore, the seats in the front and the rear of the SUV trim are heated. Occupants can stay entertained and keep up with navigation through a  9 inch infotainment panel. Within, the driver and occupants can manipulate an App Suite and benefit from satellite navigation. 2.10.2018 – Updates

What can we expect from the next Sequoia model? This model was first shown in September 2000. The second generation was released in 2008 and currently we are still waiting for the third generation of this popular SUV. On the innovation side we can expect things like pedestrian detection, infotainment system, adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam headlamps just to name a few.

For the new 2019 model we would like to see more aggressive design, new equipment options and better handling and we think Toyota will deliver. Stay tuned because we expect more new information soon…

2019 Toyota Sequoia Review

New model of the Sequoia is going to use an entirely new platform

As we said, the new model of the Sequoia is going to use an entirely new platform. This will share its architecture with the new Tundra which is set to hit the showroom’s floor in the near future.

This would be a fully boxed in steel frame which would be lighter and more structurally sound than that of its predecessor.

On top of that, we can expect the SUV to boast an entirely new bodywork which will likely be made out of either a mix of steel and aluminum or just from aluminum.

2019 Toyota Sequoia
Image source: motor1.com – Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport

Toyota’s goal would be to decrease the SUV’s total weight by at least 500 pounds. This would allow the car to be more efficient, better to drive and more comfortable.

2019 Toyota Sequoia

Release and Price

Like its predecessor, the upcoming 2019 Toyota Sequoia will likely hit the market around 5 to 7 months after its official unveiling. This is expected to happen in Los Angeles, most likely in 2019.

While it still is quite far from release, it is safe to assume Toyota still has quite a bit of development to do, especially since we haven’t seen any spy shots of the upcoming Sequoia.

2019 Toyota Sequoia
Image source: sebarin.club – 2019 Toyota Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia Limited Review


The upcoming 2019 Toyota Sequoia is likely going to feature a sportier look

Most people tend to boy SUVs for their looks. So far this hasn’t really been the case with this model but things could change.

The upcoming 2019 Toyota Sequoia is likely going to feature a sportier look, more similar to what the current Tacoma has to offer.

Expect a hexagonal grille, new slimmer headlights, likely a more muscular body as well as things like a hood scoop and possibly fender flares.

2019 Toyota Sequoia
Image source: eu-carclub.com – 2018 Toyota Sequoia

The rear of the SUV should be just as impressive. Here we will likely find a design scheme that will complete the aggressive look of the vehicle.


We can’t really say the current model is the best looking SUV in its class. While the quality is on par with its rivals, that’s about it. The vertical design found here and the really unusual layout are going to be gone in the future 2019 Toyota Sequoia.

In their place we can expect a far more minimalist approach, more similar to what the Tacoma has to offer. This should make the cabin more airy, easier to use and considerably nicer to look at.

2019 Toyota Sequoia
Image source: newfastcar.com – Toyota Sequoia interior shown

The only real drawback we see with the new car would be the interior space. If the rumors are true then it might feature slightly less space than its predecessor.


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Engine and Specs

On top of that engine, the SUV might also get a new diesel.

The only available engine with the current Sequoia is a 5.7 liter naturally aspirated V8 with 381 horsepower. This provides plenty of grunt for pretty much anything but it isn’t exactly the most fuel efficient mill on the market. It looks like the future Sequoia might change all of that.

This might receive a new Lexus-developed 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6. With around 420 horsepower and over 420 lb-ft of torque, this should provide the same type of performance as the V8 while being considerably more efficient.

On top of that engine, the SUV might also get a new diesel. So far this is just a rumor but if Toyota releases a diesel then they will finally have an answer for Ford and their upcoming Expedition.

2019 Toyota Sequoia
Image source: youtube

A hybrid has been in the works for a while as well. Unlike its predecessor, the car is likely going to be available with an 8 speed automatic only and either rear or all wheel drive.


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6 Replies to “2019 Toyota Sequoia Redesign”

  1. Have you driven both the sequoia and expedition? The expedition is a rattling, plastic filled, noisy piece of typical American garbage that appears to have been styled by someone who previously designed second rate washing machines. You should be ashamed of comparing a decent car to it.
    The outgoing sequoia soaks up bumps like little else and is one of the most comfortable XL suv’s on the market. Although the styling, a bit less so, is also questionable. To clarify, I own a V8 VW Touareg and am mostly unbiased in this discussion.

  2. Looking forward to a redesign in 2019. I have no idea why a car company would go 10 years without changing the style. I have a 2010 now and would never upgrade to something that looks identical to what I have now. Makes no sense unless you’ve worn it out. I’ve had 2 Sequoia’s and absolutely loved both although I think the looks of the latest model is much nicer than the old (pre 2008). I also have friends that drive the competitors you mention but not many can say they compare to the reliability of my Toyota. This also goes for Lexus also. We are on our third GS and have had very little problems if any at all. Can’t wait to see the redesigned 19′ Sequoia and I hope Toyota doesn’t make it any smaller. They need a competitive model to the large SUV’s out there now or else they will give up market share. The Land Cruiser is an option but not impressed with the looks of it. It’s too small and sticker shock is a killer.

  3. I’m still driving my 2002 sequoia. 198,000 Miles and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I am dying for a new model!! My husband and I own 10 vehicles with work and personal and I am most attached to my sequoia. (60, 56 corvettes, Chevy and gmc vans, Dodge ProMaster, Mercedes Metris and E350), subarus and Jeep. )I refuse to buy another suv until they come out with a new model. I pray my old girl holds out til then! Let’s go Toyota!!!!!!

  4. I’ve had a 2001, 2005, 2008 & 2012 Sequoia Limited, that is the best SUV on the road. I made a mistake and traded in my 2012 Limited for an RX 350 AWD. What impressed me was the 12.3 inch nav monitor screen & Heads Up Display plus a few other things. I want to go back to the Sequoia because its higher & I can see more, its much easier to get in & out of that the RX 350. I’m hoping Toyota includes the navigation monitor on the dash board instead of in the dash board & includes HUD on the Limited Model & won’t hesitate in going back to the Sequoia. All Sequoias I’ve had performed EXTREMELY WELL, I ran them up close to 100K and got the next year available model. I’m looking forward to the 2019 Sequoia Limited.

  5. I’ve driven Toyota’s for 10+ years now and currently have a ’15 Sequoia which I love. Please, please put a larger fuel tank in the redesign! I hate having to fill up so often on road trips!!! A larger display would be great – but not a deal breaker!!! I don’t know if others have had the problems with the front seats (leather) wearing rather quickly on the outside part of the bottom of the seat – but I had the factory seat replaced (within a year) and now the seat is wearing again in the same place. Make the cooled/warmed seats better vented – can’t really tell the cooling is on! Love Toyota’s – most reliable vehicle out there!

  6. I’ve been a loyal Toyota fan for many years, and owned the first generation Sequoia. I loved it, even though it only had the 4.7 L engine, it had a bunch of torque and not that bad of a gas guzzler. I’m a tall guy, so as far as SUV’s go it had to be large. Then the 2010 model came out, and they made this vehicle for soccer moms. When I sat in the thing with the seat all the way back and tilted back, and my head tilted to the side it STILL ended up hitting the roof. The Toyota sales guy said I could have the seat customized for a grand or so… How does a vehicle manufacturer reduce headspace by at least 4 inches in one model change? I moved to Lexus. Believe it or not, their SUV models have more headroom. I’d like to get back to a Sequoia in the next model, but have no confidence that it also will not be designed for the soccer moms, who need phone books to see over the dash.

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