2019 Volkswagen Golf 8 Price

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8 Price

The Golf 7 has been around for a while but the car has its roots all the way back in the Golf 5 which hit the market more than 10 years ago. It finally looks like there is going to be an all new Golf. While the manufacturer decided to stay quiet, there is quite a bit of information already available on the upcoming 2019 Volkswagen Golf 8. Even though most of these are just rumors, there are also some interesting inside pieces of information which do make us eagerly await the new car. 

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8 Review, Rumors

Like before, the new Golf is still going to use the same MQB modular architecture. However, it looks like this time around it may use a longer wheelbase version of the platform. This would allow VW to offer more space without having to compromise on anything else. See the new Toyota Corolla!!

2019 Golf 8

With the change of wheelbase, they should also change the running gear. For now the Golf is available with a torsion beam in the back for its basic version.

This is about to change and just like with its predecessors, the car will feature a fully independent suspension system at all four corners of the car. This should allow the car to become slightly more comfortable and better to drive.

On top of that, the brakes are likely going to change slightly too. This will mostly stay true for the car’s basic models which are quite poor when it comes to the braking performance.

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8
Image source: autoevolution.com – 2019 Volkswagen Golf 8

Volkswagen is also going to release a full suite of safety features. Things like an adaptive cruise control system, frontal collision warning and a rear cross-traffic alert system are likely going to be standard in most markets around the world.

VW Golf 8 (2019): First seat test in the Golf 8

Release, Price

As the car hasn’t been seen just yet, it is safe to assume the 2019 Volkswagen Golf 8 is still at least a few months away from release.

Most seem to suggest VW will showcase the car at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show but there is also a chance for it to hit the showroom’s flower later than that.

The price is likely going to change slightly as the new Golf is bigger and more expensive than ever before.

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8
Image source: youtube – 2019 VW Golf 8


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So far the Golf has been quite conservative when it comes to its looks. The past three generations look mostly the same with only minimal changes.

However, things should change drastically with the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf 8. Even though the manufacturer didn’t release any official renders just yet, it is safe to assume the new car will get a more aggressive, and likely a curvier look, than ever before.

In the front we can expect a more Arteon-like grille and headlights while the rear is likely going to share quite a few design traits with the Polo.

The end result should be a more modern-looking car that will finally appeal to the younger generation. The interior is also going to change dramatically.

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8
Image source: caradvice.com.au – 2019 Volkswagen Golf 8 to debut mild-hybrid tech

From the renders VW showcased it looks like the new Golf may make use of a fully digital dashboard. Both the instrument cluster and the usual center stack controls would be two massive LCD IPS screens.

However, while this may be true for the range-topping models, the base versions of the Golf are more than likely going to use a less impressive design.

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8
Image source: autoevolution.com – 2019 VW Golf R Variant


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Engine, Specs

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf 8 is going to use quite a few new engines. The base model will stick with a 1.0 liter turbo-three but this should now make closer to 120 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque.

A 1.5 liter turbo-four will remain available while the old 1.6 liter diesel will get replaced by a new 1.5 liter unit. All three engines should come equipped with a 6 speed manual and front wheel drive.

A DCT gearbox is going to be available on the higher end versions of the car. The GTI, and the R, should both make use of a new 2.0 liter turbo-four engine which is expected to deliver anything between 250 and 350 horsepower.

2019 Volkswagen Golf 8
Image source: automobilemag.com

As before, both cars will come with a 6 speed manual or a 7 speed dual-clutch gearbox. The GTI will remain front wheel drive while the R will be all wheel drive. A mild hybrid version sporting the 1.5 liter turbo-four engine is also going to be an option.


2017 Volkswagen Golf 1.8TSafety Features
Air Bag Side Head Frontyes
Air Bag Side Head Rearyes
Air Bag Passenger Switch (On/Off)no
Daytime Running Lightsyes
Traction Controlyes
Night Visionno
Fog Lampsno
Parking Aidno
Rollover Protection Barsno


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