2020 Apple Car Review

2020 Apple Car Review

For a long time, there have been suspicions in the tech world that Apple is working on a car. Its not going to be just any vehicle but a self-driving, autonomous car! The exact details are shrouded in mystery but recent events have solidified claims that the company is seriously considering entering the electric car industry. Named the iCar project, this innovative initiative has been going on under wraps for a while. Recently, there has been a surge of online chatter about this car. Due to this reason, we project that the automobile will be released as the 2020 Apple Car. Here is more about it.

Chronology of the project

In February 2015, the Business Insider magazine spoke to an Apple employee who was involved in the project. According to the magazine’s report, the iCar would give the world famous Tesla a run for its money. The Wall Street Journal later revealed that the iCar project is codenamed Titan. Moreover, the magazine indicated that hundreds of Apple employees were involved in its development.

Later on in 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by Bloomberg. He indicated that the company was working on an autonomous driving platform. In November that year, a pair of Apple scientists published some research about VoxelNet. This is a solution that will allow their autonomous vehicle to avoid collisions.

May 2018 brought news that Apple and VW were to work together on the car. This cemented the suspicion that the company was going to release the iCar as early as 2020. Judging from the design prowess that the company has exhibited with their smartphones and laptops, it is expected that the iCar will have a groundbreaking design.

2020 Apple Car

Exterior design – 2020 Apple Car

According to design models released on the Internet, we predict that the 2020 Apple Car will be a very aerodynamic car. It will have a monocoque design with flowing lines from its nose to its tail. Apple is well known for their dedication to minimalism. Therefore, the car is bound to have a petite front bumper seamlessly meshed into the front fascia.

Since it will be an electric car, its grille section is most likely going to simply be an aerodynamic panel. Illumination for the road ahead can be provided by razor-thin LED tube headlights. Staying within the elegant design that the company is known for, the headlights are most likely going to be tucked into vents on either side of the car’s front section.

The midsection of the iCar is where things will get interesting. Visibility will be a big factor for the iCar. Thus, it is most likely going to have a glass dome occupying the mid section and sloping towards the rear. The dome will have thin A and B pillars so as to maximize the driver’s field of vision. Apple is always at the forefront of innovation. As such, the doors of the 2020 Apple Car will likely be responsive to touch and open at the swipe of your palm.

The car has a coupe body style so it will ride pretty low. To ensure maximum traction, it will have 20 inch tires. The taillight is very likely be a single LED light bar running across the car’s width. It will be just above the license plate holder. In this way, the minimalist, aerodynamic design language is maintained throughout.

Interior design

The 2020 Apple Car will be a fully autonomous car. Hence, stepping into the cabin will most likely reveal that there is no steering wheel or pedals. The car’s system will handle steering and speed for you. A collection of vivid interior displays will provide navigation, infotainment and communication facilities. The vehicle will run on the carOS operating system and be compatible with other Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. All forms of connectivity are definitely going to be provided. This includes USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. To make connections even more convenient, we suspect that this new car will have a Siri smart-speaker to receive voice commands.

Engine specs

The 2020 Apple Car will be powered by an electric motor. It is most likely going to be a 3 phase permanent magnet powerplant.


Upon release, we estimate that the 2020 Apple Car will have a price tag of $55,000 for the base model. This one will have a tech-pack that guaranteed full connectivity and infotainment features.

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