2020 Honda Clarity Redesign

2020 Honda Clarity Redesign

In 2008, Honda revealed the Clarity line of cars. This ushered in a new era of power technology for the brand. This is because the first model that ever bore this nameplate was powered by a Hydrogen-driven electric motor. As a matter of fact, this was the first production car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that could be used by members of the public. After some updates in 2014 and 2016, this model has now been revamped in the 2020 Honda Clarity. The dedication to technology, power and elegance has been maintained. Here is more on this model for you.

2020 Honda Clarity Redesign

The front fascia of the 2020 Honda Clarity speaks volumes about the marque’s dedication to the future. The car has a generous air intake vent located at the lower section of its bumper. Furthermore, some elongated LED foglights run from its lower bumper all the way to its indicators. 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is here…

These also function as daytime running lights. The dramatic fascia is further characterized by a chrome section running from one headlight to the other. The Honda logo sits right in the middle as well. A honeycomb mesh is clearly defined in the radiator grille. Not only does it make the car more attractive, it adds an air of performance to the model.

2020 Honda Clarity
Image source: insideevs.com – 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV

Some contoured lines run from the radiator section all the way down the car’s shoulder. These also branch out to the side mirrors and grant them a sporty appearance. The futuristic styling is still quite clear on the rear of the vehicle. A raised section on its trunk acts as the spoiler and provides downforce when the car is racing along the highway.

On both sides of the rear bumper are some vents that nestle some rear reflectors. All five doors on this car complement the overall shape and styling of the vehicle. As such, it maintains a constant design language throughout.


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Interior redesign

The futuristic design of the 2020 Honda Clarity is maintained throughout the interior as well. Upon entry into the cabin, you are greeted by a 3-spoke steering wheel. It features some extra controls on the spokes which allow for more control over the car’s various comfort and functional features.

To its side is a massive 10 inch touchscreen display. It sits right at the top of the instrument stack. Sandwiched between the air vents and some knobs and buttons, it delivers information about the navigation system. Moreover, it allows access to various entertainment media for the sedan’s occupants.

2020 Honda Clarity
Image source: kbb.com – 2018 Clarity interior

A highly sculpted middle section flows from the center instrument stack and runs all the way between the driver and the front passenger. It contains some buttons which are designed to assist with transmission and other performance functions. As such, this new car does not have a physical shifter knob.

The interior is upholstered in fabric or leather. Moreover, you can have this in various colors. Examples of these are black, white, grey, brown and beige. The new Honda can seat 5 occupants quite comfortably. An automatically retractable sun roof is also available as an option. Honda Clarity – Wikipedia


Platinum White, Solar Silver, Modern Steel, Crystal Black, Moonlit Forest

Engine, Specs

One of the most outstanding features of the 2020 Honda Clarity is its unique engine. It makes use of a Clarity Fuel Cell power plant. This fuel cell pile is different from the ones in the previous models. It is smaller by 33%. Moreover, it boosts the car’s power solidity by 66%. According to Honda engineers, this highly technological engine is just as powerful as a gasoline-powered V6 engine.

However, it is better in terms of fuel efficiency and compact size. As a matter of fact, having this engine in the car allows its cabin space to be bigger. With a full hydrogen fuel reservoir, this car has a radius of 366 kilometers. This is one of the top EPA performance standards today. To manage the power from this engine, this car will have a multimode direct drive automatic transmission system. It can also sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds.

2020 Honda Clarity
Image source: arstecnica.com – 2018 Clarity hybrid

Release date, Price

The new 2020 Honda Clarity will be available in 2019. Furthermore, it will retail for $35,000. With extra trim options, this price will rise.


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