2020 Lincoln Nautilus Rumors

2020 Lincoln Nautilus Rumors

Firmly grouped into the luxury car segment, the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus is a beautiful, powerful and luxurious crossover SUV. It has been likened to the Lincoln MKX. However, the new car is far prettier and fitted with more performance and luxury options. It was designed to appeal to the urban consumer of the Lincoln brand. Moreover, It has some off-road capability despite its ultra-suave appearance. Read on to discover more about this amazing new model.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus Rumors

The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus has a brand new front fascia. Its nose is inspired by fellow stablemate, the Lincoln Continental. It features a trio of air-intake vents on the lower section of its front bumper. In addition to that, the new model has a large, curvy, rectangular grille right in the middle of its nose. Dodge Charger 2019 is here…. 

This section features a stainless steel mesh accentuated with chrome. The Lincoln emblem proudly sits in the middle of the grille. On both sides are LED headlights that are slanted slightly inwards. They function as daytime running lights as well as powerful night-time illuminators.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus
Image source: topspeed.com – 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

The hood on this new car has a clean, streamlined appearance. Moreover, the sculpted body of the new car extends its aerodynamics from the front all the way to the back.

Some exciting features such as a retractable step and LED fitted side mirrors add to the exciting nature of this new car. On its rear end, there is a spoiler which features a brake light. In addition to that, the taillights are situated right below its rear window. They have an attractive, slim shape that lends to the futuristic nature of the crossover SUV. Nautilus – Wikipedia… 

In addition to that, the new taillights wrap around this new model. The rear bumper attracts all the right attention as well. In it, you can find a pair of tail pipe cutouts. They lend a sporty feel to the SUV and add to its appeal. Overall, the exterior update of this Lincoln Nautilus is nothing short of exceptional.


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Interior redesign

To satisfy the target clients of the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus, major improvements have been made to the model’s interior. It features highly comfortable seats. Moreover, the interior panels are constructed using premium materials. Grabbing your attention is the 3-spoke steering wheel.

It has a very stylish design. The new steering wheel has soft buttons installed on the crevices between the spokes. This gives a rather classy way for the driver to control the car’s various systems.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus
Image source: kbb.com – 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

The instrument gauge cluster combines analog and digital media presentation panels. Furthermore, a large 8 inch screen sits right in the middle of the center stack. It is sandwiched between some air vents and neatly arranged buttons.

The screen provides information about the car’s air conditioning, multimedia, navigation and multiple other functions. In addition to that, the car has a neat, flowing center panel. A pair of cup holders and a plush armrest punctuate this part.

This crossover SUV has 2 rows of seats. They are upholstered in soft Nappa leather and available in many colors. Examples of these are white, black, gray, brown, burgundy and maroon.

They are available with contrast stitching as an option. The SUV is available with a fully retractable glass roof. Furthermore, the door handles and music speakers are finished in chrome. This adds a beautiful effect to an already attractive interior.

Engine, Specs

The new 2020 Lincoln Nautilus has a range of brand new engine options available to drivers. The base powerplant is the Ford 2.0 liter, turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.

This option produces a total of 245 horsepower. In addition to that, the new car is also available with a twin-turbocharged, 2.7 liter V6 engine. This one churns out 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. Both engines utilize a direct fuel injection mechanism. In addition to that, they are equipped with 8-speed transmission systems.

For maximized fuel efficiency, these engines encompass a start-stop system as a standard option. The SUV has a mileage of 19 mpg (miles per gallon) and has a top speed of 155 mph (miles per hour). It can also sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus
Image source: motor1.com – 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

Release date, Price

The new 2020 Lincoln Nautilus will be available at a retail price of $41, 335. The new crossover SUV will be launched in 2019. Drivers choosing premium trim options will pay more than its base sticker price.


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  1. Love the nautilus. Plan on buying one soon. Will you all put the motor that in the explorer with 365 horsepower and twin turbos in the nautilus? If you are what year? Do I need to wait?

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