2020 RAM HD Review

2020 RAM HD Review

RAM is one of the most popular models in the heavy-duty consumer pickup truck segment. Their new 2020 RAM HD was recently revealed with no disguise whatsoever. This was a pleasant surprise for track reviewers, consumers and enthusiasts. Its exterior has received a number of updates. Moreover, the company indicates that they have made some special updates to every trim level of this truck. Discover more about it here!

Exterior design

The most noticeable section of the new 2020 RAM HD is the front grille. It features a chrome border sandwiching a matte grey section. The RAM logo is emblazoned on the middle bar of the grille. As such, it is easily noticeable from afar. They’ve decided to replace the logo with bold lettering in this new truck. It’s a fresh new development from the company.

The front bumper stays with modern trends too. It has 2 pairs of LED lights on both ends. Finished in black, it complements the grille perfectly. The new RAM’s headlights also feature LED technology. Thanks to this new illumination technology, they extend visibility quite substantially. This comes in handy due to the fact that this new pick up is most likely to experience substantial off-road action.

2020 RAM HD Review

The hood section is raised to create room for the big engine powering the pickup. Despite this design, the pickup maintains its aerodynamics. There are also some vents along the side sections of the hood. They help by delivering cool air to the engine compartment.

The new RAM has a double cabin body style. With 4 doors, access to the interior is easy and straightforward. The lower section of its side panels is sculpted. This adds a sporty touch to the truck’s appearance. With ample ground clearance, the new pickup has an eager stance. Its bed is spacious and provides enough space for carrying heavy, voluminous loads. It also has a fully removable fiberglass lid. The tailgate is fully motorized too.

Its rear is quite minimalist in nature. The rear LED lights are narrow and wrap around the rear corners of this pickup truck’s bed. The rear bumper is also minimalist with no cutlets or reflectors. This goes to prove that the new RAM is built for hardcore work.

Interior design

From all online renderings and photos released by the marque, the new 2020 RAM HD has a more driver-centric interior. The steering wheel has 4 spokes and features control buttons as well. They are within easy reach of the driver. The center-stack contains an 8 inch LCD panel. This facility provides information about the truck’s interior systems. Examples of these are the air conditioning settings, infotainment and navigation. To keep occupants entertained, this new pickup truck is also fitted with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Thus, occupants can synchronize their smart devices with the truck.

2020 RAM HD Review
image source: motor1.com

This pickup truck is upholstered in leather. Drivers can get it in colors such as brown, tan, black, ivory, grey and navy. Seeing as the truck has a double cabin setup, it can carry up to 5 passengers. The rear cabin has been updated such that it is roomier now. Passengers can fit there along with some carry-on luggage.


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Engine and Specs 2020 RAM HD

There are many engines slated to power the 2020 RAM HD. One of these is a 5.7 liter Hemi V8. This engine churns out 383 horsepower (hp) and will be the standard powerplant for the base trim of this truck. The Power Wagon trim will run on a 6.4 liter Hemi engine. This engine will churn out 410 horsepower. These power plants are all petrol powered.

Diesel enthusiasts can pick out the 6.7 liter Cummins turbodiesel I-6. All the engines will be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. This is good news for RAM purists. The engine power will be delivered to the wheels through a full time 4×4 powertrain. Moreover, the new truck will have locking differentials and a 12,000 lb WARN winch at the front.

Release Date, Price and Availability

The 2020 RAM HD pickup is expected to be released in 2020. The new truck is expected to retail for approximately $50,000 for the base trim. This price rises with extra features such as heavy-duty suspension, electronically controlled traction system and 4-point harnesses.

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