2020 Range Rover Road Rover News

2020 Range Rover Road Rover News

For decades, the Range Rover marque has been associated with luxurious off-road driving. Their models are large SUVs capable of handling literally any type of terrain. Over time, the brand has grown flexible to accommodate the automotive needs of the modern driver. For this purpose, they have built models that are comfortable off the beaten track and on the tarmac as well. Examples of these are the Evoque and the Velar. Now Range Rover has plans to build a car that is designed strictly for the tarmac. It has been named the Road Rover and is most likely going to be released in 2020. Here is what we know about it.

Getting official about it

According to online reports, Jaguar Land Rover has trademarked the name “Road Rover”. This indicates that the company is serious about releasing a sedan model. This car is expected to fill in the white spaces in the Land Rover lineup of models. It will also contain some of the technologies that Range Rover has been working on so as to achieve an urban vision for the company.

Exterior design

There are many digital renderings of what the 2020 Range Rover Road Rover could look like. While some represent it as a sedan and others a coupe station wagon, there are some elements that are shared across these renderings. For example, we predict that the Road Rover is most likely going to borrow the sleek front fascia of the Range Rover Velar SUV. Elements such as the finned vents, rectangular grille and LED headlights are most likely going to be carried over to the new model.

2020 Range Rover Road Rover

2020 Range Rover Road Rover

The car is built and designed to reflect urban performance and style. As a result, features such as the vents on the hood and fenders are likely to remain. In addition to that, the car is likely to have LED taillights that are thin and wrap around the rear corners like they do in other Range Rover models. The new Road Rover is expected to leave nothing to chance in terms of terrain response even on the tarmac. As such, we can expect that it will have large, 20 inch wheels just like other models from the company.

A large sunroof extending from the front all the way to the rear may come as standard for this model. In addition to that, the sides are bound to be just as sculpted as those in other models so as to ensure maximum aerodynamics. The new model may also have a 5-door setup.

Interior design

Range Rover is known for implementing luxury in their cabins. This is reflected in the materials that they use to upholster the vehicle as well as the overall styling. To fit in this design language, we hope that the new Road Rover will have luxurious touches such as wood grain, a multi-functional steering wheel as well as a large LCD instrument display. It will also have chrome or brushed aluminum touches throughout the interior of the vehicle. Drivers will have various upholstery options to pick from such as leather, alcantara and fabric.

Some elegant features that the 2020 Range Rover Road Rover may have include motorized rear laptop tables, headrest displays, individualized climate control and heated seats. Overall, the elegance and luxury of the regular Range Rover will most likely be embodied in this model as well.

Engine and Specs

Borrowing a leaf from the top sedan manufacturers around the world, Range Rover will make this model an electric car. Based on the information that we have, drivers will likely find 2 electric motors under the hood. These will give the 2020 Range Rover Road Rover a range of 300 miles (482 kilometers) on a full charge. For better power management, the new car is most likely going to have On-Demand All Wheel Drive (AWD). This car may be released with an electric engine as standard. It could also embrace the new hybrid technology used for the SVA Range Rover that is known as PHEV (P Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

2020 Range Rover Road Rover
image source: autoevolution.com

Release date, availability and Price

By all accounts, the new Road Rover is most likely going to hit showrooms in 2020. Its price tag for the base model will be a smidge above that of the Velar at approximately $66,000. With extra options, this price could go up dramatically!

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