2021 Honda Civic Review

2021 Honda Civic Review

The Honda Civic has won hearts and minds ever since its release. This sedan has good looks and a sporty body style that immediately attracted the market. Furthermore, its reliability and performance keeps drivers interested. Millions of units of the model have been sold over the years. Its latest iteration is the 2021 Honda Civic. It has taken all the characteristics of the model and made them better. Here is more about it.

Redesign and Rumors – 2021 Honda Civic

The new 2021 Honda Civic has a sporty front bumper that has sharply angled edges. Its central vent features a thin strip which acts as a debris filter. The corners of the front bumper act as scoops for the fog lights. They have a hardened plastic mesh which adds character to the overall front fascia. The grille section angles downwards in a V-shape and creates an appearance of dynamic movement. The grille is quite narrow and has a large bar with the Honda logo upon it. This part is sandwiched by a pair of narrow, angled, inward-pointing LED headlights.

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The hood is long and edges forward into the grille section. It is also sculpted on the sides to create some haunches for the wheels. This adds a sporty look to the car. The front indicators are situated on the edge of the wheel well. Upon rollout from the factory, this sedan rides on 16 or 17 inch wheels with alloy rims. They can be upgraded to 18 inch wheels for a better appearance and more accurate terrain response. The new Honda Civic’s rear view mirrors are angled upwards and have an aerodynamic shape. Its doors are sculpted along their lower section to contribute to the sporty appearance of the car.

2021 Honda Civic

This new car is available with a sedan or a coupe body style. The sedan has 4 doors while the coupe has 2. Both have a tapering rear end that enhances overall aerodynamics. The coupe has an upturned rear tailgate that resembles a spoiler. This feature is hinted at in the sedan. Both have high placed LED taillights. They are thin and their tips extend downwards along the rear haunches of the car. The license plate holder takes up substantial space and has an LED illuminator. The car’s rear bumper is sculpted and features reflectors on both ends. Furthermore, it has cutlets for the double tailpipes. Overall, the new Honda Civic looks ready for the road and the track.

Interior features

The new 2021 Honda Civic has a modern, updated interior section. Its steering wheel has 3 sculpted spokes. The upper pair has a series of buttons that enable the driver to control the vehicle’s comfort and driving systems conveniently. A large LCD screen behind the steering wheel delivers information about the car’s performance. Examples of such are the speed, mileage, revs and gear selection. The top of the center stack contains a pair of air vents. They sit above an 8 inch LCD display. This unit provides information about navigation, infotainment and air conditioning settings. Below it is a series of buttons that can be used to achieve extra control over these systems.

The gear shifter sits in the lower, lateral panel right in front of the center stack. It is made of brushed aluminum and upholstered in leather. The gear options are indicated using glowing LED letters on a glossy black plastic panel. This gives a premium feel to the new Civic. The car’s interior is upholstered in leather. It has chrome and brushed aluminum accents throughout as well. The sedan and coupe both seat 5 people on 2 rows. In the upper trims such as Touring, EX-T and EX-L, you can find luxurious amenities such as an electronic sunroof and memory seats among others.

2021 Honda Civic

Engine specs

Drivers will get a variety of engines to choose from in the new 2021 Honda Civic. The base engine is a 2.0 liter, inline-4 cylinder engine. This powerplant churns out 158 horsepower and emits a lovely rumble that drivers will love. Those who prefer high performance can go for the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine. The turbocharger boosts horsepower to 174. Both are mated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) system.

The new Civic is also available with a powerful 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4 VTEC engine. This powerplant is tuned to produce 306 horsepower. It comes in the Civic Type R trim and is ideal for motorsport and track racing. The engines average a mileage of 32 mpg in the city, 42 mpg on the highway and 356 mpg combined.

Release Date, Price and Availability

The 2021 Honda Civic will arrive in late 2020 or early 2021. It will be available at a cost of $20, 345 for the base trim. Higher trims will cost more thanks to additional comfort and performance options.


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