2021 Mercedes C Class Review

2021 Mercedes C Class Review

When it comes to luxury motoring, few marques can compete with Mercedes. One of their most popular models is the C class. It is well known to be a major seller in the Mercedes line up. The current C Class provides drivers and passengers with technology and comfort. To the excitement of Mercedes fans all over the globe, the company has announced that they will release a new C Class model. It will be known as the 2021 Mercedes C Class and here is all that we know about it.

Exterior Design

Judging from the renderings which we have already observed, the new Mercedes C Class has a fresh body and shape. From our estimations, the front fascia has a beautiful trio of air vents. The central vent is large and curves towards the grille. It is sandwiched between vertically angular air vents. From the pictures we have reviewed, the vents are fitted with cameras.

We are confident that the grille is large and beautiful. It has an expansive, curved octagonal shape. The central section is punctuated by a horizontal chrome bar. The Mercedes Benz star is situated right in the middle of this section.

From all indications, the new car will have inward slanted headlights. They are fitted with LED technology so as to facilitate maximum illumination of the road ahead both during the day and the night.

2021 Mercedes C Class Review
source: carscoops.com

2021 Mercedes C Class

The new car is quite likely to have fairly muscular fenders. It also has a sculpted hood which flows smoothly all the way to the windshield. The new C Class also has angled indicator lights on its rearview mirrors.

The renderings show that the new car’s side profile is sleek and elongated. Furthermore, its rear is essentially coupe-like. Towards the rear, features such as LED taillights and dual tailpipes are easily visible. This makes the new car have a sporty yet luxurious design. We estimate that upon purchase, the new C Class comes riding on 18-inch wheels.

Interior design

Considering the photos online about the 2021 Mercedes C Class, the new car is bound to have a very comfortable cabin. We have observed that the steering wheel has 3 spokes. It is also fully multifunctional. This is due to the multiple buttons that are presented for the driver.

We are excited to estimate that there will be a lengthy touch-sensitive panel on the dashboard. It will be made of a pair of 12-inch displays combined together along with their widths. The section on the driver’s side will present information such as the odometer, rev counter, mileage, and transmission. On the other section will be details about navigation, infotainment, and air conditioning. This setup ensures that all the occupants of the vehicle will have a clear view of the digital facilities presented in the cabin.

Knowing the Mercedes Benz heritage, we are pretty confident that some of the connectivity options which will be provided include Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), Wi-Fi, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

Considering all estimations, we are confident that the new C Class will have room for 5 passengers on 2 rows. The sedan is likely to be upholstered in soft Nappa leather with a diamond quilt design. Drivers will have the chance to pick from various interior colors as well. Examples of these are black, grey, burgundy, brown, beige and tan. Extra luxury features which drivers may access include a sliding glass panoramic roof, leather headliner, wood grain and contrast stitching.

2021 Mercedes C Class Review
source: autoevolution.com

Engine and specs

The new 2021 Mercedes is likely to have a hybrid engine. The company has responded to competitor moves and designed an electric motor for the car. This motor complements the gasoline engine with 48 volts. Through this motor, drivers may have access to extra power while driving. Christened e-Boost, this extra power can provide the car with 100 Newton meters whenever required. For the base model, the engine is quite possibly going to be a 3.2 liter 6 cylinder engine. Drivers could also have access to a larger V8 powerplant.

Price, Availability and Release Date

We can expect the 2021 C Class to be released in 2021. The base model will have a price tag of $80,000. Higher trims such as the AMG will most likely command a higher price!

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  1. A base price of $80,000 is a very bold guess given that the 2020 base price is $42,000 and change. What is the basis for this estimate?

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