2021 Mercedes S Class Review

2021 Mercedes S Class Review

Ever since the very first model was released, the Mercedes S Class has provided drivers with comfort, exclusivity, safety, and performance. These qualities have been maintained throughout all the releases of the model. While the current S Class is already impressing car enthusiasts, the marque has already announced plans to release a 2021 Mercedes S Class. From all indications, it will be more powerful and packed with a collection of computerized technology that might make it fully autonomous! Here is what we’ve discovered so far about it.

Exterior design

Ever since the first one was released, Mercedes S Class models have always been very beautiful. The 2021 S Class is no exception. Judging from the renderings that we have observed, it has a fantastic front fascia that is designed to have curvaceous front vents. The central vent is minimalist and angled outward while the outer ones have a chrome splitter. This feature also acts as LED headlights.

The Mercedes Benz grille has always been iconic. On this new S Class, it is expected to be even bigger and more imposing. The Mercedes Benz star has been moved to the top of the grille section. This leaves the slats on the front clean and clear.

2021 Mercedes S Class Review

2021 Mercedes S Class

We are pretty sure that this new Mercedes will maintain the LED headlights. They provide excellent night-time illumination and also facilitate daytime driving. The new S Class is expected to have dramatically sculpted hood and fenders. The sculpted lines are expected to assist with aerodynamics and improve vehicle aesthetics.

Judging from the images that we’ve seen, the new S Class has a wide, expansive windshield. The rearview mirrors are also quite likely to be equipped with LED indicators. This adds appeal to the sedan’s outward appearance. The B and C pillars are expected to be painted dark on all trims of the new car. This effect gives the sedan an infinity side profile.

Towards the rear, the new S Class is highly likely to have a coupe-like design. We also expect that the taillights will have LED technology. The reflectors are bound to be minimalist and the vehicle is likely to have double tailpipes. For elegance and sophistication, they will be contained in a pair of cutlets on both sides of the rear bumper. The new S Class is highly likely to roll out of the factory riding on 18-inch wheels.

Interior redesign

The current S Class has an elegant interior. With the 2021 Mercedes S Class, we can expect that this will be taken up a notch. The steering wheel is elegantly designed. It is likely to have 3 curvaceous spokes that are finished in brushed aluminum. The upper spokes are expected to have some soft-touch buttons on them for easy control of the car’s interior systems. The vehicle’s performance statistics are most likely going to be displayed on a 12-inch digital panel behind the wheel. The panel renders details such as the odometer, rev counter, mileage, transmission and suspension settings in full color.

We are confident that the center stack will have the second section of the display panel. This section will also measure 12 inches in size. Details such as navigation, infotainment, and air conditioning will be presented here. We can expect full connectivity options on this new S Class. This means that it is most likely going to deliver Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connectivity through the touchscreen.

We predict that there will be no gear shifter on this premium interior. Instead, the new S Class will have a rotary controller to help the driver in manipulating the transmission. The cabin is definitely going to be upholstered in premium materials. Examples of these include soft Nappa leather or Alcantara. Drivers can expect luxury options such as wood grain, Burmeister audio, and ambient lighting to be provided as standard. Furthermore, the new car is likely to be launched with extra luxury options such as a panoramic roof, carbon fiber accents, and plush carpeting.

2021 Mercedes S Class Review
source: caranddriver.com

Engine and specs

Traditionally, the Mercedes S Class has always been the most powerful of all models from the marque. The Mercedes S Class is likely to continue this legacy. We are confident that it will be available with 2 engines options. These are a 3.0 liter straight six gasoline and a 2.9-liter diesel engine. The marque may even equip the sedan with a 4.0 liter V8. There are also some reports indicating that the new sedan may be a Hybrid. Mercedes may equip the sedan with an electric motor that delivers enough power to facilitate a 62 mile (100km) range on pure electric mode!

Price, Availability and Release Date

We can estimate that the new 2021 Mercedes will have a price tag of $90,000 upon release. It will be available with a standard and a long-wheelbase version. We can expect that the car will hit showrooms in 2021.

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