2021 RAM Rebel TRX Review

2021 RAM Rebel TRX Review

RAM is known for producing big, powerful pickup trucks. They have created an amazing reputation for heavy-duty pickups that are not only extreme workhorses but also formidable high-speed performers whenever required. The company has now hinted at a new 2021 RAM Rebel TRX. A number of photos, facts, figures, and descriptions of the new truck have surfaced online. Here is what we know so far about it.

Exterior design

We’ve viewed and reviewed a number of renderings of the new RAM. By considering the build reputation of the marque, we can make some accurate predictions about how the new pickup truck will look. We are confident that its front fascia will have a combination of various materials. These include stainless steel, hard, black Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and carbon fiber.

We estimate that the new pickup will not have a lower bumper whatsoever. Instead, it’s under pan will extend forwards and upwards all the way to the lower border of its radiator. This section is most likely going to be set in place using high strength steel bolts. These will be left visible at the front of the pickup to grant it an aggressive appearance.

2021 RAM Rebel TRX
image source: autoweek.com

As is customary on RAM pickups, there will be a pair of LED fog lights on both ends of the front fascia. Moreover, the pickup truck’s headlights will also have this technology. By implementing it, RAM will provide the drivers with an extended field of view and daytime running lights.

The radiator is most likely going to have highly aggressive styling. The RAM nameplate will be emblazoned in the middle of the radiator. Judging from current styling trends from the company, this is most likely going to be done in matte black. Furthermore, we predict that the radiator grille will have a honeycomb mesh made of carbon fiber.

New Design

After viewing the photos of this pickup which have been released so far, we can confidently indicate that the new truck will have a raised hood. This will make room for the large engine that is expected to power this off-road beast.

We can confidently indicate that the new 2021 RAM Rebel TRX will have a double cabin setup. As a result, it is most likely going to have a long wheelbase so as to make ample room for the second cabin and the cargo bed. This pickup truck is expected to ride on 21-inch wheels. As a result, it will have ample ground clearance. Seeing as it will ride quite high, we can conclude that it will have a side step to assist with boarding and alighting.

RAM is famous for producing versatile, pickup trucks. Therefore, its cargo bed edges are quite likely to have handles. They come in handy for strapping cargo on the pickup. Seeing as this pickup truck is designed to be sporty, its tailgate will most likely be sculpted such that it has a spoiler. The handle is normally built into this section. To maximize functionality, its rear bumper has two towing hooks. They also function as reflectors. By adding rugged, heavy-duty features, this new pickup truck is bound to be very aggressive on the road.

Interior – 2021 RAM Rebel TRX

To match with the exterior, the interior part of this pickup truck is bound to have a rugged, functional appearance. We are confident that it will have a multifunctional, 3-spoke steering wheel.

2021 RAM Rebel TRX
image source: motorauthority.com

Upon the upper spokes will be some buttons that the driver can use to control various in-car systems. The instrument panel is expected to be digital in nature. Upon it will be details such as the speed, mileage, rev counter, transmission, and engine status.

We presume that the center stack will be quite beefy. In doing so, it will match the rest of the pickup truck’s design language. There are all indications that this pickup truck will have a large 10-inch touchscreen panel at the top of the center stack. Through this feature, drivers and occupants of the pickup truck will be able to control the infotainment, navigation and air conditioning systems.

After analyzing the renderings of the 2021 RAM Rebel TRX interior, we noticed a unique feature. This pickup truck is most likely going to have a unique gear shifter which is inspired by the controller joystick of a fighter jet. The clutch button is located under the shifter’s head and is fashioned to look like the fire button.

Seeing as this new pickup truck is highly likely to have a double cabin setup, it is expected to seat 5 passengers. It is also quite possibly going to be upholstered in leather, fabric or Alcantara.

2021 RAM Rebel TRX
image source: pinterest

Engine and specs

RAM has always fitted their pickup trucks with the most powerful engines possible. In this new one, all signs point to a 6.2-liter V8 engine under the hood. This powerplant produced 575 horsepower. This engine will most likely be paired with a TorqueFlite 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmission.

Release Date, Price and Availability

We can hope that the 2021 RAM Rebel TRX will be launched in mid-2020. It is most likely going to have a premium price tag of $51,080.

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