2022 Bugatti SUV Review

2022 Bugatti SUV Review

Since its re-emergence onto the motoring scene in the late 1980s, French auto manufacturer Bugatti has released a variety of supercars. They include the EB110, Bugatti Veyron and Chiron. Their supercars competed favorably with models from other marques. As a matter of fact, the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron have held the title of fastest car in the world. Of late, supercar manufacturers have begun creating Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). With this change in tone, Bugatti is not to be left begind. Here is the 2022 Bugatti SUV.

Exterior design

The 2022 Bugatti SUV has a front end which is inspired by the Chiron. The trademark horseshoe grille is still present on the front fascia. It has a pair of large air-intake vents on both sides of the main grille. They are split into equal, horizontal halves by a chrome strip. Above the vents sit the new Bugatti headlights. They are made up of 4 square LED bulbs.

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The SUV has a front-mounted engine. As a result, its hood is long and aerodynamic. Its fenders are sculpted upwards and they give the SUV a sporty appearance. The characteristic C-shaped body style is maintained in the SUV. Its 4 doors and windows are contained within this feature.

The Bugatti trademark C-shaped body feature is finished in chrome. The SUV has some sideskirts below the doors too. They add a sporty attitude to the SUV. These sideskirts can also be motorized as an extra option. This enhances easy entry and exit from the SUV.

2022 Bugatti SUV

In the rear, the new Buggati SUV has taken a traditional design approach. The tail lights are arranged in a traditional 2-piece setup. They are angled inwards such that they run into the tailgate. To maintain aerodynamics, the tailgate has a sloping shape. Its rear window is narrow and there is a diffuser in the rear bumper. A pair of tail pipes emerge outwards on both sides of the car. This SUV rides on 18 inch alloy wheels.

Interior design

The interior of the 2022 Bugatti SUV has been totally redesigned. Its dashboard is streamlined. The steering wheel is multifunctional. It has buttons on the spokes that help to manipulate the SUV’s interior systems.

It also has a flat bottom. This increases the grip and delivers a sporty feel. Behind the steering wheel are some optional paddle shifters. They help the driver to make split-second gear changes and add some supercar capability to the SUV.
Behind the steering wheel is a large LCD screen.

It presents a digital instrument cluster that is fully customizable by the driver. Upon the center stack is another 8 inch LCD screen. This one provides information about navigation, infotainment and air conditioning settings. There are a few, minimalist buttons at the lower section of the center stack.

2022 Bugatti SUV

The Bugatti SUV’s interior is upholstered in leather. Drivers can have Alcantara upholstery as well. Both fabric types are available in colors such as beige, white, ivory, black, grey, navy and red. The SUV has sporty bucket seats in the front and a regular bench in the back.

The headrests are integrated into the seats as well. The cabin is spacious. There are various storage features such as cupholders, door panel pockets and the regular glove compartment. To boost comfort, drivers can enjoy options such as an infinity sky roof, carbon fiber accents and 4-point harness seat belts.

Engine specs – 2022 Bugatti SUV

The 2022 Bugatti SUV is available with a 6.0 liter W-12 engine. This powerplant produces 600 horsepower (hp) and 600 lb-ft (pound feet) of torque. It uses a Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) setup. This ensures that power is distributed evenly through a 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) mechanism. The engine also features bi-turbochargers for extra power delivery.

Environmentally-conscious drivers can also have this new SUV with a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) engine. This will combine a small gasoline engine and an electric motor to power the SUV. The electric motor is expected to have a range of 31 miles on a full charge before converting to the gasoline engine.

2022 Bugatti SUV

Release Date, Price & Availability

The 2022 Bugati SUV will be released in 2022. Its base trim will have a price of $200,000. With added options, this price could rise all the way to $400,000.


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