5 Ingenious Hacks to Remove Deep Scratches From Your Car

5 Ingenious Hacks to Remove Deep Scratches From Your Car

You may leave your car parked right outside your garage overnight. After getting up the following morning, you are surprised by a long, deep scratch along the side of your car. It could have been made by an irate person looking to deface your precious car. Even worse, scratch could cost you a fortune to repair. That’s because the damage has most likely gone beyond the clear coat and primer of your car. In such a case, here are 5 genius hacks that you can use to eliminate the deep scratch and restore the beauty of your car.

1. Utilize a high-quality repair kit for scratches

There are special products which are developed to help you remove scratches from your car. Repair kits are ideal for situations where the clear coat is damaged but the base coat is still intact. A high-quality scratch repair kit can help you to solve this situation. It even comes with a scratch filler. Hence, you can use this combination to fill in the scratch on your vehicle. This solution makes the scratch to stop being so vivid. Moreover, it ensures that your vehicle stays attractive until you can get a more permanent solution.

2. Lather on some toothpaste

5 Ingenious Hacks to Remove Deep Scratches From Your Car
source: carltonzone.com

While this may sound strange, you can hide the scratches on your vehicle using some toothpaste. This gel has some mild abrasive qualities. Due to this, it has been used to clean scratches off DVDs and CDs. With this in mind, you can apply some toothpaste on the scratch and rub it in evenly. It will fill in the scratch and make it much less noticeable.

3. Cover the scratch with some duct tape

If you notice that the scratch covers the entire length of your vehicle, you can easily cover it up with some duct tape. There are tapes which normally come in a wide range of colors and shades. Therefore, pick some tape which has the same color as the body of your car. After that, apply it on your vehicle as evenly as you can. Make sure that you do not create any creases or distracting lines. This will keep the car looking decent until you can pay for a proper paint job.

4. Apply some touch-up paint or car color spray

Sometimes, the best solution is simply some spray paint or touch up paint. Many people enjoy using touch up paint. This is because it is packaged in an easy-to-use pen. While it is supremely convenient, touch up paint is best applied on light or moderate scratches. If the scratch is deep, spray paint is a much better idea.

Prior to using spray paint, make sure that you have prepared the surface of your car properly. It is also important to get the exact color of your car correctly. For this purpose, you can mix up two different colors so as to achieve the right one. Prepare the scratch by sanding it with a fine-grit sandpaper. After that, apply the spray paint evenly. After it is dry, you can apply a clear coat and proceed to wax the car.

5. Transform the scratch into artwork

5 Ingenious Hacks to Remove Deep Scratches From Your Car
source: detailxperts.net

If you are creative, it is possible to turn the scratch into some artwork on your car. You can layer the scratch with stickers, decals or trim. While doing this, you can arrange them such that they form a lattice. The artwork can mask the scratch sufficiently enough such that it is not noticeable. Use your imagination and creativity to deliver an artsy, edgy and hip design on your vehicle.

The hacks described above are effective for light scratches. They are also temporary solutions. Therefore, they should not be used or considered to remove deep scratches on your car. They provide instant success but do not present a long term solution. Therefore, a good cleaning, sanding and spray paintwork is eventually required to get your car in tip-top condition!

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