Check Out the McLaren Speedtail’s Crazy Bendy Carbon Fiber

Check Out the McLaren Speedtail’s Crazy Bendy Carbon Fiber

The McLaren Speedtail is a 1035 horsepower (hp) hypercar that can tear up a road to smithereens. It is created by the British automaker and is their latest model. According to the company’ the Speedtail is a combination of high level art and science. They refer to it as a Hyper-GT that can reach a top speed of 250mph (402kph). Its statistics, construction and characteristics are breathtaking. The car is fully aerodynamic and has a unique feature at the back. There is a flap that rises to create air-assisted braking. When not upright, this flap melds flush with the vehicle’s body. It seems to disappear into the rear of the car! Here is more about it.

So what is that flap in the back?

According to a press release sent out by McLaren, it is actually an aileron like the one which you would see on the wings of a plane. While it looks like just some plastic material, it is actually made up of carbon fiber. In fact, the McLaren Speedtail’s body is made of pure carbon fiber.

To get a little more technical about it, McLaren indicates that the ailerons are actuated hydraulically. They are an important part of the rear clamshell of the car. The ailerons are made of flexible carbon fiber. As a result, they can bend to activate the braking effect.

McLaren Speedtail Crazy Bendy Carbon Fiber

Interestingly, the entire body of this hypercar can bend. It has been constructed with a tolerance of 1mm between the surfaces. By using this technology, all gaps or shut lines between the vehicle and the spoilers’ leading edges are sealed. This results in smooth air flow with no drag or turbulent air. As such, there is no reduction in speed.

Why the Speedtail is constructed this way

The main focus for the Speedtail’s extreme aerodynamic design is to reduce drag. This helps the hypercar accelerate from 0 to its top speed in seconds. The dedication to aerodynamism extends to the aero covers on its front wheels. At first look, they resemble the turbo fans utilized by 1970s and 1980s sports cars. On a closer inspection, they are carbon fiber sections and they’re fixed in place so they do not rotate.

Exterior design

Truth be told, the McLaren Speedtail is a beautiful, stunning car. The company has maintained a streamlined design language throughout the body of the car. According to McLaren, the design group picked the objective of designing the most aerodynamic car ever. Thanks to the shape and materials used to construct the car, the flow of air is entirely uninterrupted from its nose to the tail!

After considering the overall shape of the car, it is noticeable that its tail is quite elongated. This is done to increase downforce towards the rear of the mid-engine car. Due to this design, the hypercar is able to maintain extremely high velocity without losing stability.

All shutlines on the car have been eliminated with the use of flexible carbon fiber. Moreover, elements such as the rear view mirrors and other aspects of the vehicle are supremely minimalist in nature.

Interior design

Nothing has been left to chance when designing the McLaren Speedtail’s cabin. By implementing art and science, the car manufacturer’s engineers have created perfect symmetry. The Speedtail has a 3-seater cockpit. Moreover, McLaren has embraced their roots by putting the driver’s seat in the middle. The two passengers sandwich the driver and sit a little distance behind as well.

The driver is cocooned behind a trio of 10 inch touchscreen display panels. They present vehicle information, infotainment and air conditioning data. The steering wheel is classic McLaren and features a flat bottom. Glass and polished aluminum have been used quite extensively in this car. Moreover, the seats are all upholstered in supple, soft white leather.

Engine and specs

Here’s where the McLaren Speedtail’s statistics go crazy! This hypercar implements a Hybrid petrol-electric engine. Its capacity is yet to be announced by the company but they’ve revealed that it produces an astonishing 1035 brake horse power (bhp). Also, it will sprint from 0 to 300 kph in only 12.8 seconds. It will keep going until it reaches a top speed of 402 kph (250mph). This is much faster than any car ever created by McLaren. It is even faster than their formula 1 car!

Release date, price and availability

The McLaren Speedtail is going to be released in 2020. The company has made only 106 unique cars. Each is retailing for $2.25 million!

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