Here are 19 Tips That Can Help You to Buy a Used Car Today! (part two)

Here are 19 Tips That Can Help You to Buy a Used Car Today! (part two)

  • Go for a test drive

It is very important to make sure that you take a used car for a test drive before you buy it. This allows you to check a number of features. They include the driving position and whether a child’s car seat will fit in the vehicle comfortably. Drive it on various terrains to see how the car can handle them. On an isolated road, perform an emergency stop to check the effectiveness of the handbrake. Listen for any rattling sounds and check the pedals for effectiveness. This helps you to get a good feel for the car before you finally buy it.

  • Buy the used car from a dealer

It is possible to buy a used car directly from a dealer. This often provides you with more protection than buying privately. These dealerships have approved, used sections. Here, you can get a used car which has been checked and found ideal. Any faulty parts on these types of cars are replaced. Their interior is also refurbished. As a result, the car looks and performs like a new one. Furthermore, buying a used car from a dealer facilitates you with a warranty.

Buy a Used Car Today

  • Learn about cars and what to examine during the purchase process

Private used car sellers normally use a caveat titled “Buyer Beware”. This caveat means that you are responsible for checking on the interior and exterior condition of the car. You are also fully responsible for assessing the functions of the engine. You can protect yourself in such a situation by learning what to look for during the buying process. After that, you can make an informed decision during the purchase.

  • Note that there’s no protection when you’re buying a car on eBay

When you buy a car on eBay, there is no protection from fraud. The online marketplace does not provide purchase protection for cars. If something goes wrong during or after the purchase, it is up to you to fix it. This is very important for you to know before making this step.

  • Pay for any element of the used car with a credit card

While purchasing a used car, ensure that you pay for something with your credit card. This is because of Section 75 of the automobile law. It indicates that as long as the overall cost of the car that you’re purchasing lies between $128.92 and $38,675.70, the credit card company is equally as liable as you are if the dealer is fraudulent.

To prevent shouldering too much liability, used car dealers sometimes indicate that you can’t pay for anything on the car with a credit card. Others put a limit on how much you can pay towards the cost of the car using this method. As such, request to make any payment for the car with a credit card and if it is possible, go ahead.

  • Ensure that you actually need the add ons

Whenever you are buying a used car, the dealer will try to sell you a variety of add-ons. They will explain that these facilities can increase comfort or in some cases, performance. Add-ons increase the purchase price of a used car. Therefore, only accept these add-ons if you will actually use them while driving your car. Otherwise, leave them out of the negotiation.

  • Buy car insurance before purchasing the used car

It is important to note that you actually need to have some car insurance before you buy a used car. This is because if anything happens to the car, it will be your responsibility. This means that pre-purchased car insurance helps you to have protection right through the test drive to finally owning the car. Moreover, it is illegal in many countries to drive on a public road without any car insurance.

  • Get the right paperwork for the car

As you purchase a used car, there is some paperwork which you will receive. It includes the logbook, servicing booklet, financing package, sales contract and manuals. There are also some accessories which you will get. They are the spare wheel and keys. Ensure that the dealer provides you with all these facilities upon purchasing a used car.

Buy a Used Car Today

  • Have a firm understanding of your rights as a buyer

Whenever you are buying a used car, there are some rights and freedoms which you possess. The Consumer Rights law indicates that the car must be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose when you’re buying it from a dealer. In such a case, they should provide you with a refund for any flaws or faults which were not obvious. If you buy the car from an auction, ensure that you go through the terms and conditions of the sale prior to purchase. Buying a used car online also provides you with a 14 day cool off period during which you can return the car for a full or maximized refund.


Buying a used car is often a good financial idea. However, you need to make the purchase properly for it to deliver any benefit to you. The guidelines above can help you to accomplish this. They are ideal for use when making this type of purchase anywhere in the world.

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