Here are 19 Tips That Can Help You to Buy a Used Car Today! (part one)

Here are 19 Tips That Can Help You to Buy a Used Car Today! (part one)

You can save a lot of money by buying a used car. There are numerous choices of used cars in the market today which you can pick from. Buying a used car has financial advantages and exposes you to immense variety. Despite this, buying a used car can also be a nightmare if you buy a malfunctioning vehicle that will cost more to fix than its original price. Here are 19 tips to help you make the right choice when purchasing a used car.

  • Search for Year Old cars

Statistics show that most new cars depreciate in value by 27% annually after driving them off the lot. Therefore, look to purchase a Year Old, used car instead of a new one. This will help you to make savings and still enjoy driving a mint condition vehicle. However, it is important to note that finding a luxury used car can be quite difficult and they hold on to their value much more.

  • Look for a car that is cheap to run

The maintenance cost of a used car is a very crucial aspect to consider. This means that you should always buy one that is cheap to run. If the car has a small engine, its consumption is low and hence it’s cheaper to maintain. Petrol cars are more affordable to maintain and manual transmissions save on running costs. A hybrid used car may be expensive to purchase but it is cheap to maintain. Last but not least, a small car is cheaper to insure than a large one.

Here are 19 Tips That Can Help You to Buy a Used Car Today! (part one)

  • Timing is everything

Used car dealers normally have deadlines for selling off their stock. If they do so on time, they get to enjoy commissions and bonuses as well. This is often performed at the end of every quarter. During this time, they are more willing to negotiate lower prices so as to sell off their stock. As a result, the best time to buy a used car is in the end of March, June, September or December.

  • Find out what you need before you go shopping

It is important to buy a car which fits your individual requirements instead of simply purchasing the most popular model in the market. Find out the fundamental requirements of buying a car. What will you use it for? What size of car do you need? Do you want to power it with petrol or diesel? Are you searching for a large trunk? Last but not least, how much money do you have saved for buying it?

  • Your current car can help you get a new one at a lower cost

You can take your current car to the dealership for a part-exchange. This is where you submit it to the dealership and its value is knocked off the total cost of the new car. You can also sell it privately. After that, use the money to complement your budget for the new car.

  • Find out exactly how much it will cost you to buy the used car

There are various costs which go into buying a used car. There could be some upfront costs for the car. There could also be some finance repayments for a car loan and also the cost of fuel. You may also need to pay some road tax. If the used car is more than 3 years old, you may have to pay a fee to the Ministry of Transport (MOT). The car will need servicing and also cost you on parking permits as well as tolls. These are all costs which you should consider as you purchase a used car.

  • Look around many dealerships

It is a very good idea to look around many dealerships as you search for a used car. Ask if they have the model which you are searching for. After that, ensure that you negotiate to the lowest price possible. This will give you a rock-bottom cost for the used car and assist with finding the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

Here are 19 Tips That Can Help You to Buy a Used Car Today! (part one)

  • Haggle the cost of the used car

One of the most important skills in modern commerce is haggling. It is applicable when you are trying to buy a used car. Haggle the cost of the vehicle and reduce it as much as you can. Find out the list price of the car and bargain lower. If you reach a rock-bottom price that still seems a bit high to you, request the dealer to throw in an add-on for free. This will help you to get the best value for your money.

  • Examine the core characteristics of the used car

There are a number of vehicle characteristics that you need to assess when buying a used car. Check its mileage. The average mileage for a used car should be around 100,000 miles. Look over the car’s general condition and check for any signs of repair. Check the oil and also look through the engine to see if there are any leaks. Turn on the radio along with all other gadgets to check if they are working properly. Remember to check if the head and taillights work properly. Check the brakes and the ignition system too.

  • Diesel engines are fuel efficient but don’t provide long term value

A diesel engine will consume less over time than a petrol engine. However, elements such as driving conditions and skill come into play. Moreover, a diesel engine is bound to experience more wear and tear than a petrol powerplant. Therefore, it will need more tune ups and technical service. This can be quite expensive. Therefore, while diesel engines consume less, they may cost more to maintain.

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