Here Are Some Tricks You Can Use to Fix Common Electric Window Issues!

Here Are Some Tricks You Can Use to Fix Common Electric Window Issues!

Sometimes, the electric windows on our cars can become stuck open or shut. This usually ends up becoming a big inconvenience. If they become stuck while open, it is literally impossible to close them for the purpose of protecting your valuables or keeping out the rain. If they become stuck shut, it becomes very difficult to let in any fresh air or pass some cash at a toll. If this is the case with your car’s electric windows, the problem could be electric or mechanical. Here is a guide with tricks on how to identify and fix any problems with your electric windows.

Perform a mechanical diagnosis

When you press the window switch and then hear or see the window trying to move, there are high chances that you are dealing with a mechanical problem and not an electrical one. To fix this type of problem, you will need the following items:

  • Some butyl rubber tape
  • Door panel screws
  • Glass cleaner
  • Gloves
  • A digital multimeter
  • A panel popper tool
  • Safety glasses
  • Silicone spray
  • A trim wedge
  • White lithium grease

After you have collected all these materials, it is time to move forward and repair the problem.

Perform the mechanical repair

Begin by removing the door panel. Find the securing screws. They are normally behind trim or covers. Unfasten them. Depending on the model of your car, this process can vary.

Remove the vapor barrier. This facility is usually held in position using butyl ribbon sealer.

Search for misaligned pieces on the cables or window guides. If you notice that there is a broken or loose cable and then you hear the motor moving after activating the window switch, the regulator may be malfunctioning and require replacement.

Fix Common Electric Window Issues
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If you find that the cables are fully intact and all the guides are aligned properly, the gears on your window motor may be stripped. In this case, extract the motor from the regulator and check.

Find and replace or repair any sections that are stuck or broken.

Identify the moving parts and lubricate them. Also, clean up the window glass.

Restore the door panel. This is done using a process which is in reverse to how you removed it in the first place.

Electrical diagnosis

If you press the window switch and then notice that nothing is moving, there is an electrical problem. This is also the case if you don’t hear any noise whatsoever coming from the inner section of the door.

For you to diagnose an electrical problem, you will need the same materials that are implemented in diagnosing the mechanical problem. After you’ve got them all, you can proceed with the diagnosis.

Electrical repair

Find the fuse for the malfunctioning window motor. After that, check to see if it is blown. If this is the case, you can replace it. A fuse that is blown can cause increased power draw. This is normally due to a worn or binding mechanical component. After you have replaced the fuse, continue with the mechanical repair.

Extract the door panel. To do this, begin by finding the screws which are used to secure it. They are usually behind the trim or the covers. Proceed to undo them. This process varies from vehicle to vehicle depending on the model.

Analyze the electrical input that is delivered by the ground and power wires. These are usually the largest wires that are attached to the window motor.

Fix Common Electric Window Issues
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Proceed to attach a multimeter to these wires. Once you have done this, activate the window switch as the car keys are in the on position.

If you get power in both directions of the switch, this shows that the electrical wiring is good. In this case, only the motor requires replacement.

If you do not get any power delivered to the motor wiring, it becomes necessary to check for any power that is going to the window switch.

In case there is power reaching the window switch but none is coming from it, simply replace this component. If you find that there is no power arriving at the window switch, there could be a much more complicated electrical issue. This one requires professional inspection by a qualified mechanic.

When you locate the heart of the problem, simply follow the same steps. Clean, lubricate and replace all the pieces which you had unfastened earlier.

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