2020 Toyota Century Hybrid Breathes New Life Into Luxury Driving!

2020 Toyota Century Hybrid Breathes New Life Into Luxury Driving!

The 2020 Toyota Century Hybrid is the third generation of this model. For decades, the Century has been the luxury, full-size sedan at Toyota. Its new iteration brings forth a collection of new technologies. Among them is a hybrid engine. Here is more about this new Phoenix-badged sedan.

Structure and powertrain

Through the 2020 Toyota Century Hybrid, the marque seems to speeding up the progress of its luxury car market domestically. That’s because this is the third generation Century and it has been launched only 21 years after the second one.

It has a longer wheelbase measuring 10 feet which translates to much more interior space. It has brand new motor mounts and a hybrid V8 engine. Thus, the sedan is much quieter than before. Its drivetrain is sourced from the Lexus LS6ooh. Notably, the second generation had a fantastic V12 engine.

2020 Toyota Century
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Creature comforts

For many decades, a favorite feature of the Century has been a cassette player. In the new iteration of the model, this has been replaced with a new music system that can play media from CD, SD and USB sources. Occupants of the new sedan can enjoy excellent surround sound thanks to a 20-speaker premium audio output system.

The door openings on the 2020 Toyota Century Hybrid are larger than before. It also has a raised ceiling. This boosts the luxury experience of the new sedan. The C-pillar has a more perpendicular angle. This draws your visual attention to the rear of the sedan.

The seats and cabin panels are covered in lush, 100 percent wool. This delivers a soft welcome for all who enjoy the new sedan. The rear seats have multiple, motorized adjustment options. They have a step-less, adjustable power leg rest. Moreover, they are heated and provide a massage function.

A unique feature of this cabin is the multi-functional, LCD screen that is situated in the central space between the front armrests. It provides access to a complete entertainment system. The rear passengers can also enjoy a wrting table fitted with a reading light. The light is soft and has a wide angle thanks to a three-dimensional setup innovated by Toyota. Other comfort facilities include power curtains, LED ambient lighting, soft-close doors and a freezer.

2020 Toyota Century
image source: newsroom.toyota.co.jp

Engine and Specs

The new 2020 Toyota Century Hybrid is powered by a 5.0 liter 2UR-FSE V8 engine. It is enhanced using Toyota’s 2nd Generation Hybrid Drive. With features such as active noise control, soft suspension and brand new engine mounts, the new Century rides almost silently. To further promote a quiet cabin, the new sedan also has a 2 stage motor speed reduction unit. This ensures a smooth, silent drive.

Safety is also enhanced in this new full size sedan. This third generation Century has blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance support and a rear cross-traffic alert system.

The best news about it is that right-hand drive Toyota Century sedans can be imported into Europe legally. As such, it is an excellent model to drive or be chauffeured in!

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