Toyota is Now Performing Door to Door Airbag Replacement

Toyota is Now Performing Door to Door Airbag Replacement

The Toyota marque is currently performing repairs and replacement for the Takata airbag inflators. There have been many reports from drivers that these inflators are defective. For safety reasons, Toyota is currently on a door to door campaign to perform free replacements. Toyota Recalls

Reaching out to The Car Connection

A Toyota spokesperson sent an email to The Car Connection concerning this issue. According to them, representatives of the marque will visit owners who claim that their airbag inflators are defective. They will also facilitate free replacement if the owners have not resorted to other methods to repair their vehicles.

The cities that the marque is targeting

Toyota is targeting a collection of cities across the USA. Their current order of business is trying to find out when and where they can find the vehicle owners when they are at home. Half of the group of complainants will be visited 2 times. They will be visited once in the morning and another time in the evening. The other half will only be visited in the mornings. If the Toyota representatives do not make contact with the vehicle owners, they will try again between 7 and 10 days later.

Toyota is Now Performing Door to Door Airbag Replacement
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Toyota Recalls

Whenever they visit a complainant and find that they’re not home, the marque will immediately leave a package with some information at the doorstep. Thus, the visitors will know of the marque’s initiative and cooperate accordingly.

If the Toyota reps actually find the complainants home, they will arrange a specific time to fix the airbag inflator. The company plans to visit cities such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Florida. They will also visit the territories of San Juan and Puerto Rico. The Toyota representatives also plan to visit complainants in San Antonio, San Diego, Houston, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Dallas.

Global outreach

The plan to visit the complainants in person was communicated to the world in a report that was published on January 9th. The report described the number of drivers that had actually brought in their vehicles for the replacement of the faulty airbag inflators. The document also communicated Toyota plans for various owner segments. For example, the marque has a plan to double its efforts on the recalls. The marque hopes to achieve this with the help of FedEx or U.S. mail. The company will send out details of the free fixes and recalls as well.

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