You Can Change Your Car’s Oil On Your Own

You Can Change Your Car’s Oil On Your Own

You can easily change the oil in your car rapidly and in a tidy way while saving a lot of money. Changing the oil on a regular basis is one of the most important maintenance activities which is required for vehicles. You can learn how to change the oil in your car quickly without making your clothes dirty. By doing this, you will be able to extend the life of your vehicle by more than a thousand miles. You will also be able to save money.

An overview

Anyone who is usually interested in Do-It-Yourself projects can change the oil in their car. It may seem very easy at first observation. Despite this, there are very many people who are changing the oil in their cars incorrectly. Some are making it a very messy chore while others are paying too much for something that they could do on their own. Furthermore, changing the oil in your car is one of the most important activities which you can perform so as to make your car’s engine last for a long time.

Changing the oil in your car’s engine is not as complicated as it sounds. Oil shops are gradually charging more and more money to provide this service. As such, this is the right time to do it yourself and save some cash. By taking this path, you will also not experience any undue pressure to purchase extra accessories such as PCV valves and wiper blades. Here is how you can go about it.

Change Your Car’s Oil

Spread a plastic sheet on the ground. Proceed to drive your car right on top of it. This will save you the time and effort which would be required to clean up any oil spills. You can just dispose of the sheet once you are done.

Jack up your car. Proceed to set jack stands in place and then lower your vehicle. If you are positioned over asphalt, put some plywood squares under the jack stand so as to offer support.

Proceed to put all the tools which you need on a tray beside you. A box is also applicable. This way, everything which you need is all in one convenient spot. The tools which you should have to include a box-end wrench that will be used upon the drain plug, a rubber mallet, and a filter wrench.

You will also need a drain pan and the new oil filter. Remember to wear some safety goggles as well. Pick up a new bottle of oil and smear some clean oil on the gasket of your new filter. With this done, you are ready to change the oil in your car.

Get underneath your vehicle and remove the drain plug. This will make the old oil to start flowing out. Proceed to remove the oil filter. Place it aside and install the new one. After the old oil has become depleted to a trickle, you can install a new gasket on this plug. You can tighten it up by using the rubber mallet to tap on the box-end wrench. Proceed to wipe the dripping oil with a rag. Having accomplished this, you are done with all the work under the car.

Tips about changing the oil from the experts

  • If your engine is cold, you can start up the car and let it run for a few minutes. This will warm up the oil for you. If your engine is hot, turn off the car and wait for at least 30 minutes for the oil to cool down.
  • Do not utilize an adjustable wrench or socket in the drain plug. Utilize only the right sized box-end wrench so as to handle the plug.
  • Make sure that you always use jack stands. Do not work under a vehicle which is only supported by the jack.
  • Before you spin it on, coat the oil filter gasket with some new oil.
  • Tighten the filter with your hand and never with a wrench.
  • You can recycle the old engine oil.
  • Make sure to line up the bottles of oil which you will need for the refill so as not to lose count along the way.

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